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Telephone: 01409 253684
Email: [email protected]
Address: Bodmin St, Holsworthy EX22 6BB

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Telephone: 01409 255525
Email: [email protected]
Address: Bodmin St, Holsworthy EX22 6BB

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Code of Practice for Patient Complaints

We want all our patients to be pleased with the service that they receive, so we take complaints seriously. If a patient makes a complaint, we will deal with it promptly and courteously. Our aim is to resolve the matter as quickly as possible following the agreed procedure and, wherever possible, to the satisfaction of the patient.

A complaint may indicate a failing on our part, which we can learn from and make improvements to our service. We will adopt a ‘no blame’ approach when investigating a complaint and especially where individuals are identified, with the aim of reaching a satisfactory conclusion. We will, at all times, be polite and respectful to our patients.

Patients’ NHS Complaints Procedure

Patients’ Private Care Complaints Procedure